The AAPT eMentoring Program

What is it?

The AAPT eMentoring program is designed to connect AAPT members of the K-12 physics educator community with each other. More experienced educators (mentors) are connected with one or more novice educators (mentees). Based on each mentee's profile, the program will connect them with a qualified mentor who fits the needs of that mentee. The mentee and mentor can then begin communicating through e-mail, voice chat, telephone, or in some cases face-to-face. All participants will have an opportunity to grow professionally and connect with colleagues at a regional and national level.

How do I become a mentor or mentee?

To become paired as an eMentor, eMentee or Instant Mentor choose the applicable role to the left. Some details about you will be collected during registration to ensure that the coordinator for your region matches you with an appropriate mentor or mentee. You will also be asked to agree to the expectations outlined for mentors and mentees before registering.

Need some immediate help within the next 24 hours, or are you not ready for a long-term pairing? Request an Instant eMentor, or become an Instant eMentor to help novice teachers. While not intended to replace the beneficial eMentorship pairing, this opportunity allows Instant eMentees to address time-sensitive questions to a group of experienced Instant eMentor volunteers.





















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