Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will see some commonly asked questions that you might find useful

How does eMentoring Work?

Please visit the How it Works page for more information about the process.

I can't sign in or forgot my username/password. How do I get help?

First, try the username/password retrieval form (using the email address you signed up with). If you are still having trouble, feel free to contact us at

What's a mentee?

mentee (plural mentees)

  1. a person who is being mentored


Mentee is the term we use for someone who is being mentored or would like to be mentored. In this program, a mentee is a high school teacher who is new to teaching physics material.

When will I know that I've been accepted as a mentor?

You will be sent an email and an alert is posted on the website as soon as you've been selected as the mentor for a mentee.

Is there any compensation or a stipend for being a mentor?

Currently we cannot allocate funds to compensate or provide stipends to mentors. We hope everyone involved recognizes the intrinsic, professional, and educational (learning happens in both directions!) value of participating in the program.

I'm worried that I won't find a mentor. What's the ratio of mentors to mentees?

Although the eMentoring program is new, there are plenty of mentors. New mentees are given a number of mentors from whom to choose.